The Band Bios

ryanR y a n W a d e F i s ke
Born – March 22, 1985
Origin – Camden, New Jersey, United States
Genre(s) – Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock
Insrument(s) – Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Bass
Years active – 1993 – present


Ryan Fiske was born raised in Atco, NJ his entire life. With his grandmother and father both being musicians, his cling to music was very obvious at young age. When Ryan was 10 years old he received his first drum set. He studied drumming from 4th grade all the way through his sophomore year of high school. He began singing on and off around 14 years of age and taught himself the guitar at age 19.
Ryan has performed on many stages varying from elementary school stages to “A” rated club and bar stages. His style is distinct in the way that he can play multiple instruments and sing in multiple ranges. Ryan is known for his stellar front man performance and natural ability for music. People can see and also feel his heart and desire when he performs live. Besides playing music, Fiske loves to play sports and enjoys being around his friends. His favorite memory is rocking with 3 of his closest buddies at a local radio station event at the Susquehanna Center with over a thousand fans watching. Ryan’s goal is to make a career with GoodMan Fiske and to have millions of people enjoy the music that they create. With his genuine personality and leadership, he is confident that his dream of becoming a successful musician will come true.

G e n e M a t t h e w G o o d m a n
Born – June 4, 1985
Origin – Port Richmond, New Jersey, United States
Genre(s) – Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock
Insrument(s) – Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Piano, Saxophone
Years active – 1993 – present


What can you say, big ,sexy ,stylish ,humbled ,and graceful. Few musicians possess the talents of Gene GoodMan. Gene is a performer with a wide array of abilities consisting of one handed guitar solos behind his head, to rapping some of the most iconic hip-hop songs ever. His use of unconventional synthesizers live transforms his guitar into steel drums, entire horn sections, pianos, and saxophones ,while turning his vocals into robots, megaphones, hard-tune ,and anything else he pretty much wants. His only limitation is his Imagination ,which seems to be endless. Able to make a name for himself in the short 10 plus years in the music industry Gene Goodman wants everyone to know that he was only able to become the man/performer he is with the support given to him from his family, friends, and fans.

alexA le x a n d e r P a t r i c k S t a f f
Origin – Northern California
Insrument(s) – Bass, Vocals, Piano, Mouth Trumpet




Alex hails from the West Coast but moved around a lot eventually settling down in the Philly area. Singing before he could even talk and taking up the violin at age 9, Alex was greatly encouraged by his musical family. His grandmother was an opera singer who performed in venues around the world including Carnegie Hall in NYC. His grandfather played the accordion and Alex’s dad and brother both played the trumpet.

Although he had dreams of playing drums or keyboards, a local garage band said he could join if Alex got his hands on a bass. After practicing for a couple weeks on his sister’s acoustic guitar, Alex’s step-dad figured this might be something the kid wouldn’t quit… and sprung for the bass/amp. Since then, Alex has had the opportunity to share the stage with incredible musicians performing for music loving audiences all over the East Coast. His favorite moments were any that included high fives, stage diving, and of course Alex’s guitar strap around the bachelorette!

Interests: Hiking, foraging, roller coasters, boogie boards, chi gung
Influences: Led Zepplin, Doors, Beastie Boys, GnR
Inspiration: an incredible loving family, the best friend, roomate, and roadie a guy could have: Curtis – RIP, the boys in GMF, and anyone who ever took a long cold ride in a seatless van/truck without heat.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
– Henry David Thoreau

abA n t h o n y B a k e r

Insrument(s) – Drums




Ryan, Gene, and Alex along with Shore Bets management would like to announce Anthony Baker as the new drummer for The GoodMan Fiske Band. Anthony Baker is a drummer of extraordinary style and skill that has wowed audiences from coast to coast with his signature style. Anthony is the founder of the band Crystal Roxx and more recently added drumming and tour managing for the legendary Chubby Checker to his lengthy resume. GoodMan Fiske is excited to have Anthony become part of the GMF family as their musical journey continues to grow. The band looks forward to performing their high energy entertaining show that you have come to love and expect.